Sunday, November 08, 2015

Snow White

This is my writing I did last week. It took me a long time to get it spic and span . I know this may be a long read but it will be worth the time.
Snow White & 7 Dwarves
(These Days)
Once upon a time there was princess called Snow White. She is the most prettiest girl ever seen. Sweetheart Snow White had a step Mother not just any step Mother the evilest step Mother alive.

Snow White’s step mother was so jealous of her beauty so she asked her laptop on her desk.
“Laptop Laptop on my desk who is the fairest of them all”
The magic laptop replied “No you are not because Snow White is way prettier than you . No offense but I’m right and I think I shall stop talking now Bye!” Arghhhh!
you stupid laptop you well now I will have to kill Snow White because I want to be the Prettiest of them all. Let me text the huntsman to come pick her up and go down to the darkest place in the woods ever that nobody will find her.

The huntsman came and picked Snow White up and took her to the darkest and deepest place in the woods that he could find. The huntsman finally found a place until he saw Snow White trying to text her friends to come and find her.
So he snatched the cell phone right out Snow White's hand and she was crying with so many tears streaming down her face .
Then the huntsman did something . Something the evil queen (Snow White's evil stepmother) will never forget.... He let her run free but only on one condition she could never show her face every again.

Snow White ran and ran until light shone in front of her eyes and she saw a house the cutest smallest house ever so she walked into the house.
Snow White had to duck her head otherwise she would have banged her head we do not want her to be knocked out.

She saw how dirty the front room was so she decided to clean with happiness and make it as clean as she could 1 hour later…
“Finished!” Snow White sang.
When she had finished she found some beds so she wanded of to the beds and felt the need to have asleep meanwhile the owners of the house’s are the 7 Dwarves that are coming back home to make dinner.

“Squeak!” the door opened. They came home to a girl sleeping in there bed.
The Dwarves said “Are you evil because if you are we will kill you!”
Snow White  begged them that she was a good person then the said “Well ok I guess we can Trust you because you are a Princess I think”

Snow White's step Mother said to her laptop
“Laptop Laptop on my desk who's the best of them all”
The Laptop Replied
“Snow White is”
She said “No she is not the huntsman went to kill her remember I told you?”
The laptop said “No he didn't because he has to much of a heart to kill such a wonderful girl”
ARGHH!”I knew I shouldn't of trusted him,
time to do it myself” The evil Queen said to herself. So she mixed some pills and potions to make a formula to make her into a cripple,ugly old woman to take the poison apple to Snow White to kill her.
She finished the potion to turn into the old woman so she took a sip and BOOM! She is a OLD WOMAN!

I’m Coming for you Snow White the evil queen said.
Once she found the house she knocked on the door two times then Snow White answered the door
“Hello my dear would you like an apple”
Oh sure may I have that red won you have there she replied
“Sure here you go”
Snow white took a bite and swallowed.
“I feel funny”
Snow white hit the ground with the apple rolling out of her hand as the old woman was leaving
The 7 Dwarfs are coming home but then they see Snow White lying on the ground. “Oh no we need to make something to keep her in and put it in the forest were she would want to go.”
So they got all the supplies and built a cushioned soft seat for her to lay on (Like a coffin).
They lifted her up and put her down they left because they were too heartbroken to even look at her any more.

“Gallop Gallop” a person comes along with a horse and it is a prince.
The prince looks at her and all he sees is Beauty so he gave her a kiss and waited until...
“Where am I?” Snow White said.
So the prince Sweep her off her feet and asked her to marry him and she said yes.So he put her on the horse then they galloped away to get married at the Prince’s Mansion

The 7 Dwarves followed the horse to their wedding and
    they lived happily ever after.

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