Thursday, October 29, 2015

Character Descriptiion

Hello Blog readers. I am going to blog my Character Description because I am so proud of what I have written for my friend. Please comment down below of what you think about it

Physical Description
Character Traits
Twinkly eyes

Blue/Green eyes

Light blonde hair

She wears stylish clothes with super sparkle flats and maybe a cute necklace to go with it.

  • Sporty
  • Hilarious
  • Quirky
  • Perky
  • Shopaholic
  • Glamorous
  • Sassy
  • Confident
Maddie has learnt the simple things in life

She can shop till she drops

She makes every sad moment into a happy moment

Not afraid to speak for herself

She has a surprise waiting for me everytime I see her

WALT choose words that give the reader a vivid picture in their head
Purpose: To Entertain
Text Type: Character Description
My Writing Goal: Show examples of single, compound and complex sentences.

Success Criteria:
  • Shows physical description
  • Shows character traits and actions
  • Organised into correct sentences and paragraphs - intro / physical / traits / actions / ending
  • Strong nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • Uses a good simile and can use other language features effectively
  • Has an entertaining anecdote (little story that happened) about the character

Maddison by Kelly-Anne
This person has a endless amount of talents that have not yet been discovered. Maddison is not your average person she is the most HILARIOUS person you will ever meet.IMG_2180.JPG

Since you know a bit about her here is some more funny information about her. She will make you laugh for no good reason. Maddie is a “shopaholic”, not just any shopaholic, the “biggest shopaholic” you will ever meet , She can shop till she drops.

Whenever you are down she will pick you up straight away and also if you need help she will be there to help. She is very casual. but still classic with her outfits she also has a pretty twinkle in her eyes and she has light blonde hair that shines in the sun. Maddison is a huge fan of hairstyles because she loves putting her hair into braids and also she copies them out of magazines and online too.

Maddison has learnt the simple things in life like to be grateful for everything and she always has a graceful attitude with everything she does. She makes every sad moment into a happy moment.

She is not afraid to speak for herself and she has a huge smile and a “HAPPY” attitude  everyone loves hanging out with her but not as much as me. She can do anything if she puts her mind to it. She will make any conversation into the most funniest conversation you have ever heard!

You’ll  remember the day you meet her because she is not very forgettable and if you need a hug she will be there no matter what.

Stylish clothes , Sparkly flats , Cute necklace now that's Madison's style. She will always make any colors work with any outfit because she suits everything she wears. This pretty much sums up Madison.

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