Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This week we are doing a task, not just any task. A RUGBY WORLD CUP TASK!
I am so excited to share this work I have done and this piece of work is created with information from the internet and from knowledge that I already had. Maybe this will help you with some tasks if you ever do Argentina.
Below is my work
A Comment left by Mrs Love:
Almost perfect Kelly-Anne,Well done!
I also made this pic collage making Collage Maker by Fotor

RWC Starter

Task 1
Choose a country that is in the RWC. Try to pick a country that you do not know much about.

It must not be New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France or England.

Write that country here:Argentina

Task 2
FInd out this information about your team.

World ranking:8th
Continent it is on:South America
Captain of the team:Agustín Creevy
Team nickname:Puma’s
A picture of the actual uniform

Task 3
Find out this information about this country

Population:41.45 million
Picture of the flag:
National symbol:Coat of arms
National animal:Rufous hornero
National food:Asado
Capital city of the country:Buenos Aires
A map of the country:

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  1. Kelly-Anne you did a great job with your RWC starter task. It is quite cool that you added pictures for mainly all of the tasks.

    You did amazing with this task.